• Ottawa asks for more time on assisted death by Donald Horne

    Legislators are asking for six more months to respond to the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on doctor-assisted death, citing the February Criminal Code change as too soon

  • New insurance app making life easier by Will Ashworth

    Insurance startups continue to pop up as the industry plays catch-up with the rest of financial services and a new one could be the robo-advisor that actually helps advisors

  • Billionaire’s fight for life by

    The entrepreneurial founder of a couple of pharmaceutical companies has worked relentlessly to bring together drugmakers under one roof to solve a disease that kills millions

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    Negotiation is an essential part of daily life and crucial to a successful business

  • Life insurance a better financial plan by

    Clients donating 10% of their monthly income to charitable causes is probably less common today but for those that do it’s probably wiser to use life insurance to accomplish the same thing and here’s why

  • Police chief accused of killing for life insurance by Will Ashworth

    Just when you’d thought you’d heard it all a story arises that leaves you wondering why in the world someone in a position of authority would stoop to such lows but that’s life – isn’t it?