Professional Development

  • How to overcome excuses by

    Great people throughout history have often failed, quite miserably, before finally reaching their goals, writes international business strategist Dan Waldschmidt

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    One communication expert says the majority of employees lose interest in a matter of moments – here’s how to keep them engaged.

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    Most financial planners work hard, but are you executing your goals effectively?

  • Four ways to improve your influence by

    We are all in the business of influence – but instead of seeing it as manipulation, Dr. Tim Baker outlines how influence, when used ethically, can be an essential business tool

  • The end of a performance review by

    In this book extract, Dr Tim Baker argues that the traditional performance review is an outmoded artefact of the 20th century. He advocates a ‘five conversations’ approach which dispenses with bureaucracy, leading to a more open, constructive and enjoyable experience