Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association news

  • Is travel insurance broken? by Nicolas Heffernan

    Regulators are looking to advisors for help fixing the travel insurance system.

  • Impact of Supreme Court’s decision on life insurance by Nicolas Heffernan

    LHP asked industry experts what the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on assisted suicide will mean for life insurance advisors.

  • How will the interest rate cut affect advisors? by Nicolas Heffernan

    The Bank of Canada’s interest rate cut will have both long and short term repercussions for advisors and insurers.

  • New impetus for implementing regulatory change by Nicolas Heffernan

    FSCO wasn’t the only organization put on alert by the auditor general’s report last month.

  • Year in Review by Nicolas Heffernan

    We’re wrapping up the year with a look back during the holiday season. To start things off, we take a look at the some of the big news makers from March, through to June.

  • CLHIA slams province over ORPPs by Nicolas Heffernan

    The CLHIA is coming out swinging at the provincial government over what the Liberals will consider comparable in its proposed retirement pension plan.