The R.U.T.A. Report: Are you really Client Centered?

by 25 May 2015
We talk about being client-centered, but have you really looked at your business from your client’s perspective? When you think about your business as a client, would you change the game for yourself and your prospects?

Here’s what I believe every thinking prospect wants to know and what you have to do to be truly client-centered:
  1. “Why am I spending my valuable time to be with this advisor?” Entice their engagement immediately or you’ll lose your prospect off the bat. What’s your hook – the reason you are in the business – your purpose and passion.
  2. “I wonder if this guy is thinking about me or just about himself?” The best way to deal with this is to ask “Mr. Prospect, obviously you have a reason for agreeing to meet with me today, would you mind telling me what it is?” There, now it’s client-centered at the beginning.
  3. “What’s In It For Me?” Get the benefits of working with you out before you start talking about your service. Let them know how they will profit working with you.
  4. “I wonder how this guy gets paid?” We’re so afraid of talking about compensation but you know they want to know. So tell them straight – “I’m paid a commission on the business you do with me”… or “I’m paid a fee for service”. Get it over with and know that people expect you to earn a living.  
  5. “How’s this going to work?” Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen when they agree to move forward.  List the steps in your sales and service process clearly and professionally in your engagement document. Explain them.  Also, ask for their specific needs from the relationship
  6. “What happens when I buy?” Will you walk me through the process or will I be on my own? Is this a sell and run thing like the last guy? Show how your relationship starts in earnest with the sale.
  7. “What happens when I need your help later?” This is where your service comes in.  Explain your regular service system. Talk about how you’ll keep them updated and current.
Answer these seven questions for every new and existing client and you truly will be client-centered and compelling.  You’ll also be more successful than ever.