Mark Breading

Mark Breading

Mark Breading, a Partner and Chief Research Officer at Strategy Meets Action, is a recognized expert in advanced technologies and their implications for the insurance industry. His specialty areas include the customer experience and analytics. He has exceptional knowledge and experience in many dimensions of the customer/producer experience, including omni-channel, customer communications, mobile technologies, CRM, digital content management, and contact centers. He has broad experience and insights in data and analytics, including business intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data.

  • Big Data Takes Off in Insurance

    Big data is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in business and technology today. Everywhere you turn there are discussions about the potential of big data and analytics to transform businesses and whole industries.

  • Analytics in L&A: The Pace Accelerates and the Scope Expands

    The question for life and annuity insurers is not whether business intelligence (BI) and analytics are being used – they clearly are. The more salient questions are concerned with what new data sources are being leveraged, how more sophisticated analytics tools are being used, and what new business areas are being explored.