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Advocacy group concerned over proposed rules to control opioid prescriptions

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Leo Almazora | 02 Nov 2016, 08:15 AM Agree 0
A well-intentioned proposal to address Alberta’s opioid crisis may hurt chronic pain sufferers
  • knowledgekeeper22 | 02 Nov 2016, 01:30 PM Agree 0
    Open your eyes, these people are now addicted, do you think putting away the prescription pad and turning these poor people away is going to magically stop the crisis. NO!!! It is going to exacerbate an already bad situation, those who are addicted to prescription narcotics are not going to just stop because their doctor won't prescribe anymore. Look at what is happening elsewhere (BC, Ontario and internationally), these addicted individuals (some with pain, some with mental health or other issues) are not going to be willing to go through withdrawals and will need assistance getting off the opioids to which they are now addicted. This is assistance that their doctors will not provide. Doctors don't have the time, the will or quite frankly the skillset to help these people get off their scripts. So what will the patient's do? You are going to have a much bigger and less controllable problem, these individuals will seek...meaning they will buy on the street; some will move onto heroin, some will buy pills on the street, alot of which will be laced with fentanyl and you will see the death toll start to tick upwards. If you are going to draft policy affecting narcotic availability you must first understand how these narcotics affect the brain, the nature of addiction and study the aftermath of restricting access after so many are already addicted. You cannot just pull the plug on these people, they won't nay THEY CAN'T just stop, they are addicted and if you take away the safer and more controlled prescription alternative they are going to seek it on the street cut with fentanyl, and thus you end up making the problem you tried to fix SO MUCH WORSE! Open your eyes, legislating and scaring the hell out of doctors so they start turning the same patients they got addicted away is never going to fix this problem.
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