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Cannabis Canada Association supports intent of government’s new cannabis access rules

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Ryan Smith | 15 Aug 2016, 10:41 AM Agree 0
While the association announced its support for the government’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, it did raise concerns about the dangers of increasing supply to the black market
  • Joe | 15 Aug 2016, 06:13 PM Agree 0
    Why re-write the rules. Cannabis should have the same rules and regulations as alcohol. It should be taxed in the same way, have the same age rules, same rules for personal production (quantities limited in the same way making alcohol is limited) and same type of distribution system. Grow operations should follow the same rules as breweries, wineries and hard alcohol production and be subject to inspections and accountability of their products. Don't reinvent the wheel. How many Hell's Angels are making their own wine, beer & spirits illegally. None. Also no one would want to purchase on the black market because you don't know what may have been added to the marijuana (meth, fentanyl, etc).
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