IN FOCUS: Disability Benefits Denied?

What to do when a Disability claim is denied

Jun 11, 2019

One in three people will experience 90 days or more of disability at least once before the age of 65. Medical conditions, illnesses and injuries can result in the inability to work, causing additional hardship beyond the disability itself. Disability insurance can be a safety net against financial uncertainty—but what if you have been denied the benefits that you were counting on? If your disability insurance claim has been denied, you may be unaware of options ahead. This free whitepaper will overview

  • Important features of disability insurance
  • What to do when your claim has been denied
  • How partnering with a law firm can get you the benefits you deserve

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Share Lawyers focuses on claims against insurance companies for long term disability benefits, and other insurance claims based on illness and injury. There are no fees unless we win your case. Share Lawyers helps individuals in Ontario and across Canada who have been unfairly denied disability benefits from a variety of policies

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