IN FOCUS: Mortgage Insurance: Untapped Revenue Stream

Mortgage Insurance: How Advisors can Beat the Banks for Revenue

Aug 22, 2019

The booming housing market is not just an opportunity for lenders. As an insurance advisor, you can protect your clients during the home buying process and beyond—and stand to unlock new profits by selling mortgage insurance.

Banks and lenders may seem to have a corner on this market, but as your clients’ trusted partner, you can beat banks for revenue while delivering quality insurance solutions.

To learn more and get proven mortgage insurance sales strategies, download this free whitepaper STRATEGIES TO SELL MORTGAGE INSURANCEBETTER THAN BANKS. This 101 guide will instruct you on how to

  • Attract and qualify your ideal clients
  • Beat out banks for clients and greater profit
  • Offer more complete insurance solutions that put your clients’ needs first

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