Brokerage firm offers numerous insurance services to aid seniors

by Leo Almazora27 Feb 2017
Working with top insurance providers such as Travelance, GMs, Allianz, and Blue Cross, Maxxlife Financial is promoting a handful of insurance brokerage services for seniors who are either in Canada or aiming to visit Canada.

For those visiting Canada, the firm is offering a Super Visa Insurance service. A senior who is planning to visit Canada, and has a child or grandchild who is a permanent resident of the country, can enter the country and receive support from the Canadian healthcare system. Proper medical insurance coverage is required for a minimum of one year and at least $100,000 worth of coverage.

Applicants can get help from Maxxlife in accessing medical services, which includes finding the best deals among options from different insurance providers, including ones that are available for about $800. Should a visa get refused, all premiums will be fully refunded.

Maxxlife also offers a life insurance service, helping senior clients find insurance policies that are tax-free and will pay out to the beneficiaries of their choice. Life insurance will not constitute any part of a person’s estate. Also available are term and permanent insurance policies, as well as non-medical options. A person may save up to 30% compared to what others are providing.

Finally, the Snowbird Travel Insurance plan provides senior Canadian residents with travel insurance as they visit warmer places during the winter. Coverage is offered for those seeking to head to the United States or other countries with insurance that operates on a per-day or per-week basis, as well as other periods.

Snowbird plans may include emergency medical care coverage and coverage for medical follow-ups in Canada. Trip interruption and cancellation plans are also available. The policies offered are good for coverage worth up to $5 million, and are good for travel throughout the world. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is also possible, though it may require proper identification and reporting.

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