Caitlyn Jenner brings questions to all kinds of insurance policies

by 22 Jul 2015
On the surface a recent court case involving a Long Island divorcee who is suing for ownership of her late husband’s $250,000 insurance policy appears to be nothing more than the fight over who is the rightful beneficiary in this situation.
However, it also could be another example of how the insurance industry must adjust to the entire transgender issue. Who’s covered, who’s not. Whose premium should be cheaper, Caitlyn or Bruce? It’s all up in the air.
In this particular situation Bette Weisel was married to Arthur Silberspitz, who emigrated to the U.S. from Ausburg, Germany, in 1947, and the couple lived together on Long Island until the fateful day in 2009 when Silberspitz announced to his family that he was transitioning to a woman.
In 2010, Silberspitz legally changed his name to Nicole Ilana Paige and then removed her wife from her life-insurance policy, replacing her with friend Chloe De Rossi.
Weisel and Paige were never legally divorced and as a result she’s suing for rightful ownership of the $250,000 policy. While this is more a legal issue than a transgender concern it does illustrate how unpredictable insurance outcomes will become as society becomes more accepting and familiar with these types of cases.
"To tell my story the right way, for me, to keep learning. To do whatever I can to reshape the landscape of how trans issues are viewed, how trans people are treated and then, more broadly, to promote a very simple idea,” Caitlyn Jenner said at the ESPY Awards recently. “Accepting people for who they are, accepting people differently."
Insurance companies included.