Canada Life inks partnership with HumanisRx

by Leo Almazora17 Mar 2021

HumanisRx and Canada Life have entered into a partnership to provide HumanisRx’s MedCheckUp program to Canada Life customers who are receiving disability benefits.

Under the partnership, Canada Life plan members on disability who have complex or unique medication needs may get one-on-one support from HumanisRx pharmacists. By optimizing their complex or unique drug treatment, customers accessing the MedCheckUp program may minimize adverse side effects, achieve intended health outcomes, and return to work faster.

“We're pleased to offer these pharmacist-led interventions in disability as optimizing drug therapy is a key component in overall case management,” said Christine Hildebrand, vice-president, Health and Ability Strategy, Group Customer, Canada Life. “Based on the results of our pilot with HumanisRx, medication changes were recommended in 73 per cent of the cases. MedCheckUp is one example of our evolution in disability management and the various tools we have for our case managers.”

The program is available exclusively with a direct referral from Canada Life’s disability team. Once they connect with a HumanisRx pharmacist, members are provided with a comprehensive medication review, as well as follow-up consultations. The consultations complement the medication review programs that public health systems in most provinces also deliver.

“People with involved or unique medication needs can face challenges in managing their health because their medications may be complex, confusing, costly and may result in unwanted side effects,” said HumanisRx President Sayeh Radpay. “Through the in-depth assessments provided by our pharmacists, together with guidance from Canada Life's disability case managers and the patient's own physician, we support members on disability throughout their return-to-work journey.”

Aside from providing assistance with respect to medications, Sayeh said the people at HumanisRx have also helped members living with mental health and addiction issues get much-needed support at critical times.

“We're proud of our pharmacist team in their commitment to supporting members' journeys towards wellness,” Sayeh said.