Far Out Friday: Husband takes out 26 life policies on wife who died in car crash

by Jamie Henry19 Dec 2014
A South Korean man has been locked up – suspected of murdering his pregnant wife in a car accident after taking out 26 insurance policies on her life valued at nearly $10 million.

Allegedly, the 45-year-old only identified by the common Korean surname Lee, fed sleeping pills to his seven-month pregnant wife before deliberately crashing his car into a parked eight-tonne truck as she slept in the passenger seat.

She was killed instantly as she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, while Lee was safely strapped in and survived with slight injuries.

Lee had systematically taken out a number of insurance policies on her life from different companies leading up to his wife’s death, a Seoul daily newspaper reported.

The paper reported Lee said to South Korean police, “The accident occurred after I dozed off at the wheel.”

The case was almost filed away as an accident until the police learned that Lee had taken out 26 insurance policies for his wife.

In order to maintain the 26 policies, Lee is alleged to have paid premiums totalling the equivalent of $3113.97 each month.

The paper reported CCTV analysis showed that Lee was driving at the time of the accident in a way that a drowsy driver would not, turning on his high beams 400m away from the truck and manoeuvred toward it.

Lee has denied the murder accusation as inquiries continue.