Far out Friday: Jail murder plot for insurance

by Will Ashworth17 Jul 2015
Andrew Lambert Silicani hatched a plan to kill his parents going as far as offering a hit man $100,000 in order to cash in on their life insurance policies, home and car.

The only problem, and it’s a big one, is that Silicani hired a fake hit man to carry out the job and was quickly brought to justice indicted on four counts of using interstate commerce facilities (mail) to commit murder for hire.

Pleading guilty to all four counts the 23-year-old was sentenced to 35 years in prison and begins serving the sentence once he’s finished serving his sentence for robbery sometime in 2016.

"You've essentially squandered your life of the opportunities and therapy and now, at 23, to take steps to commit a crime that has such chilling elements is very troubling," U.S. Chief District Judge Nancy Freudenthal said. "For what? A new car, for 10 tattoos and drugs? To exchange a life for such juvenile desires is hard to comprehend." 

Insurance agents often speak of the professional pride felt when a cheque is delivered to a grieving spouse in their time of sorrow and grief. While unable to turn back time advisors are able to take a little consolation in the fact the widow or widower is insulated financially to some extent despite the unfortunate events unfolding before them.

To have a client be the target of an attempted murder for hire by their son no less has got to be extremely rare and something no advisor wants to experience.

Now imagine what the parents feel.

"Your honor, today is the saddest and most difficult day of my life. I love my son, but I am devastated and sickened by his actions,” said Cheryl Lambert, mother of Silicani. “No parent should fear for their lives at the hand of their child.”