Gender-affirming surgery now covered across Canada

by Ryan Smith08 Jun 2016
New Brunswick will soon cover gender-affirming surgery under its provincial health insurance. The decision means that every province will have some sort of coverage for gender-affirming surgery.

Health Minister Victor Boudreau said Friday that New Brunswick would amend its Medical Services Payment Act to ensure that gender-affirmation procedures are covered.

“Transgender persons lining in New Brunswick are facing challenges in life and in the healthcare system,” Boudreau said. “Gender dysphoria is a recognized medical condition that, left untreated, can result in high levels of anxiety and depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts.”

New Brunswick has been working with transgender advocacy groups since last year to make the change.

“Gender-affirming surgery is a crucial part of a successful transition for many transgender people,” said Michelle Leard of the New Brunswick Transgender Health Network and UBU Atlantic. “Today’s announcement will change the lives of transgender New Brunswickers who are presently facing challenging health, mental health and social situations.”

The province will also amend the Vital Statistics Act in the fall. The change will allow transgender people to change the gender on their birth certificates.

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