Insurer partners with Pollution Probe in new campaign

by Donald Horne16 Oct 2015
The Healthy Communities Campaign, launched by Pollution Probe with the sponsorship of Great-West Life, will support communities as they drive “tangible, positive change in human and environmental health” at the local level.

“The Healthy Communities Campaign moves the cause of personal and community well-being forward,” says Paul Mahon, president and CEO of Great-West Life. “More than simply building awareness, this initiative is about cultivating meaningful engagement and behaviour change that leads to stronger, more vibrant community life.”

The campaign invites workplace and neighbourhood teams to engage in a wide range of simple and meaningful activities that will add to the health of their communities.

“Our support for the Healthy Communities Campaign fits naturally with our values and our business,” Mahon told LHP. “It’s an important new way we can contribute to the well-being of Canadians. We’re pleased to help Pollution Probe deliver a stronger program and reach more people.”

Companies are moving into the philanthropic and community-involvement arenas in greater numbers, funding and promoting causes like The Healthy Communities Campaign to showcase their corporate responsibility to Canadians.

“Through the Healthy Communities Campaign, Pollution Probe and its partners aim to promote understanding of the environmental factors that contribute to lifelong health, and of the practical actions that individuals and local groups can take,” says Bob Oliver, CEO of Pollution Probe. “The Campaign also provides fresh opportunities for workplaces that prioritize corporate social responsibility and community engagement to unite employees in making positive change, locally.”