Insurer to include MedExtra offer

by 22 Jun 2015
By Donald Horne

A major player in the life insurance market has signed an agreement with MedExtra Inc. to provide the Health Concierge Service to its customers who add its group critical illness to their benefits plans.
The Health Concierge Service that will now complement Empire Life Insurance Company’s group critical illness insurance; with one providing financial protection, the other medical, tactical, and emotional support.

“The Health Concierge Service will bridge the gap between the care an employee needs, if they are critically ill, and what our healthcare system is currently structured to provide,” says Dr. Jeffrey Brock, President and CEO, MedExtra. “We are very excited to welcome Empire Life as a customer and a partner, and we look forward to bringing our innovative solutions to their customers.”

The agreement took effect May 1, 2015.

“Being told you have a serious illness is frightening. Having someone who can explain what's happening, help navigate the healthcare system, accelerate the diagnosis, and facilitate treatment can help employees during this difficult time,” says Janet Jackson, Vice-President, Group Marketing, Empire Life. “This is what MedExtra does superbly well. They provide a made-in-Canada solution for the Canadian healthcare system that goes well beyond a second opinion service. We couldn't be more pleased to be working with such a great partner.”

Empire Life will be launching its group critical illness portfolio later this month. MedExtra already provides the medical concierge service available to individuals, through the Empire Life Vital Link product.