Life insurance broker sues William Shatner

by Paul Lucas30 Mar 2016
This is one of those stories you just couldn’t make up.

A life insurance broker and estate planner from Tampa, Florida, is suing Star Trek actor William Shatner for a cool $170 million while claiming to be his unacknowledged son.

According to a report in the Tampa Tribune, Peter Sloan, 59, filed the lawsuit last Friday for paternity and other claims telling the newspaper that there has been a “pattern of behaviour that makes me look like I am lying and I won’t stand for that any more”. He stated that he is “tired of being called a fraud” by both Shatner and his representatives.

Sloan, who uses the stage name Peter Shatner for local charity events and radio appearances, claims that Shatner and his mother were both young actors together in Toronto and believes that they slept together in March 1956. Sloan was later born without Shatner’s knowledge and adopted.

According to his claims, he met Shatner in 1984 and discussed the issue and in 2011 he attended a ticketed birthday party for Shatner who posed with Sloan for a photograph, as he did with other guests.

However, Shatner’s publicist Cherry Hepburn told the Tampa Tribune last year that the man was “fraudulently” portraying himself as the actor’s son. Sloan’s lawsuit also states that Shatner’s social media account posted a message suggesting Sloan was producing a “big con game for fame.”


  • by Allison 2016-03-30 1:41:17 PM

    If the Insurance Broker's goal was to have Shatner recognize him as his biological son, and have a relationship with him, he's going about it the wrong way. Done correctly, Shatner would probably have agreed to DNA testing, and if he was a biological son, welcomed him to his family with open arms. Lawyers are lining up to get paid on this one...