Life insurance dispute heads to court

by Paul Lucas17 Feb 2016
A father and ex-wife of a deceased man look set to resolve their differences in court as an ongoing dispute over life insurance benefits rolls on.

James Collura’s father, Anthony Collura, and his ex-wife Robin Anzalone Collura, both believe that they should be the sole proprietor of his life insurance benefits and 401kplan. Now, Edward D Jones & Co, a financial institution, has filed a suit with the US District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana in an effort to resolve the case.

In the complaint, it is alleged that James Collura worked at Stihl Southwest Inc and received a life insurance and 401k plan. After his death, benefits were allegedly given to his father who proceeded to deposit the funds from the life insurance policy into an investment account, while the proceeds of the 401k went into a rollover IRA account. Both were with Edward Jones but filed under the father’s name.

However, Edward Jones is now stating that both defendants are claiming to be the owners of both the life insurance benefits and the 401k proceeds. Both are, allegedly, denying the other access to the accounts – and so Edward Jones has asked the court to help it find a resolution given the contrasting claims.


  • by Ken MacCoy, CHS 2016-02-17 3:32:11 PM

    While there are 3 sides to every dispute: His, Hers ....and the Truth.

    However, based on the information provided in the story .... all is required are the answers to the following:

    Who was the named beneficiary of: (1) the life insurance policy? ...and (2) the 401 k?

    If it was the father ..... then the mother is out of luck.

  • by Nickster 2016-02-17 5:35:03 PM

    Not so simple when one is talking about matrimonial assets, whether she is a mother or not may have nothing to do with it. Having said that, it may be something important for the courts to make a decision on--especially when inheritance might come into the picture and in terms of matrimonial assets, should she have made contribution to the investments, well it goes without saying, the courts will need to decide on the matter.