Life insurer launches online application

by Paul Lucas02 Mar 2016
It’s now simpler than ever to use the services provided by one of Canada’s leading life insurance companies.

That’s because Equitable Life of Canada has brought out its very own digital application which aims to make it easier for advisors to complete applications and for customers to apply for its term life insurance offering.

In terms of financial advisors who sell life insurance, the thought process was that completing applications has often been time consuming in the past: and the interactive service, known as EZComplete, will simplify the process. It will actually guide advisors through the questions, making it simpler to use: and it will only ask the required questions as advisors go through the form with their clients, potentially slashing a significant portion of time away from the process.

According to Karen Mason, the company’s senior vice-president, the move was necessary to keep pace with demand.

“In our industry, it’s increasingly important to offer digital services that make it easier for advisors and their clients,” she said.

“With EZcomplete, we’re providing advisors with an online application that is easy to complete, intuitive and reduces the chance of incorrect information or incomplete applications, as well as reducing the amount of paper produced.”

In addition, the new process will allow clients to make initial premium payments using credit cards or Interac.

Currently, EZComplete is only available to advisors selling single life term insurance: but plans are in place to expand the service in the future.