Murder-for-insurance case shocks Ottawa

by 30 Oct 2015
There’s no way to sugar coat a 2012 murder that recently resulted in the first-degree conviction of an Ottawa man who killed his mother to collect on the $500,000 insurance money.

53-year-old Lucie Goudreau suffered from MS; she used a wheelchair as a result. Her son, Rene, took out four separate insurance policies on her life and then proceeded to set her bed on fire knowing she’d be unable to protect herself and he’d be able to collect on those polices.

Neighbours were forced to call 911 when they heard cries from within the apartment and then pulled the fire alarm when flames began shooting out the first-floor window.  Goudreau died in her own apartment.

The case against Rene Goudreau centred on the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshal’s testimony that the fire was either caused by a fire or intentionally set. The crown successfully argued that the son intentionally set the fire to collect the insurance money. The jury had no problem finding him guilty.
“The evidence has not been easy to look at or listen to,” Crown prosecutor Jason Neubauer told the jury. “He knew she would die. Fire kills.”