New process to simplify disability claims

by Nicolas Heffernan11 Feb 2015
BC Life is transforming how the life insurance industry approaches disability claims by combining short and long term disability and life waiver claims into one form.

Members applying for short and long term disability and life waiver benefits (STD, LTD and Waiver) have traditionally been required to complete three sets of claim forms.

“Simplifying the STD, LTD and Waiver process eliminates unnecessary administration and ensures that our members receive uninterrupted coverage as they transition from STD to LTD,” said Lucette Wesley, Director of BC Life Claims Services.

After an initial STD claim is submitted, BC Life will determine LTD coverage through confidential interviews with all parties. STD coverage will roll over to LTD when the medical condition and supporting claim evidence indicates that the member needs more time to recover and the policy provisions are met.

“A more member-centric approach facilitates early intervention and case management during the STD period, which is the most effective way to ensure an early, safe and sustainable return to work for most situations,” said Wesley.