ORPP development reveals government’s commitment

by 08 Oct 2015

The provincial Liberals have tapped a former president of the Workplace Safety and Insurance board to advise it in bringing the ORPP to life.

Ontario is appointing David Marshall as an advisor on auto insurance and pensions, starting Feb. 1, 2016. As an advisor to the Minister of Finance, Marshall will provide recommendations to the government on implementing the controversial ORPP, which so many advisors have expressed concerns over. Marshall will also focus on developing ways to reduce auto insurance costs in Ontario.

Marshall will apply expertise amassed over his six years in the role of president and CEO for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).The expressed mandate in forming his role, according to the government, is to ensure better health outcomes, lower costs and more affordable insurance premiums.

As a former Deputy Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada and Deputy Receiver General, Marshall will bring his expertise in administering the federal government's employee pension plan, as well as his experience managing the operations and technology of the Employment Insurance Fund, to support the government's commitment to simple, reliable and cost-effective ORPP administration.

Reducing auto insurance rates and implementing the ORPP are key initiatives in the government's plan to build Ontario up. The four-part plan includes investing in people's talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives and building a secure retirement savings plan. 


  • by Jule 2015-10-08 4:22:56 PM

    I currently work for a boss that is very stingy with his raises. If he has to pay towards this, I will see no further raises. I will then have to pay $788 a year toward my pension but I will only be working another 10 - 15 years which means I won't qualify. I'm not for this at all. I would rather see the energy put into benefits for all of Ontarians as a lot of us do not have drug or dental coverage.

  • by Mark 2015-10-08 4:29:26 PM

    Just another way for this provincial Liberal government to mismanage our finances and ensure that fewer people are hired and more businesses don't expand in Ontario. Another loss for Wynne that we have to pay for.

  • by Paul P 2015-10-08 4:29:44 PM

    what qualifications does he have to advise on the ORPP, and the article seemed mainly to do with the auto sector which will likely not be affected by the ORPP, since they have defined benefit programs and are exempt, I have one full time staff member to whom I contribute 6% of earnings to a RRSP on her behalf, I should be exempt since my contribution is 3 X that of the ORPP, but since it is not Defined benefit, I will have to either continue and kick in an additional 2% of earnings which she may not be able to collect based on the time issue, with that do I then reduce my contribution by 2% or in some cases I have heard that employers will cancel their own plans and save the money. The premise is a good idea however if an employer is meeting or exceeding this mandate they should be exempt from what is being viewed as another payroll tax