Quebec says no to marijuana

by Paul Lucas17 Feb 2016
Quebec will not be forced into setting up a distribution network for marijuana.

That is the strong statement from the province’s finance minister Carlos Leitao who believes that Ottawa cannot force his province into action when pot is made legal.

His comments came after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed plans to legalize and regulate marijuana. He has plans to work closely with authorities in different regions to establish distribution methods that are suitable for that area with some speculation that marijuana may be sold from liquor stores that are run by the government.

However, Leitao did not hold back in his displeasure about the plans commenting that he had “no plan, no idea, no intention of commercializing marijuana.”

“It’s up to the federal government to determine how to do it,” he said. “I will never have the obligation to commercialize (marijuana) even if it becomes legal. It’s not up to the province of Quebec to do that.”

When he was asked about a distribution network that could be set up in Quebec by the federal government, Leitao stated “they’ll have to figure it out.”

Trudeau had made the legalization of marijuana one of his election statements: it is meant to make it increasingly difficult for children to buy the drug and reduce revenue streams among organized criminals.

When responding to the comments from the Quebec finance minister, Trudeau stated he planned to work closely with municipalities and provinces to find solutions.


  • by Nickster 2016-02-17 12:25:36 PM

    Lets talk about the elephant in the room shall we? When liquor was in the process of being legalized and prohibition ending in the last century, those who participated in the illegal sale of liquor and the distribution of liquor went out of business. Although the region cannot be forced to set up a distribution network, it already has; albeit illegal. So when a politician says anything one way or another, I always ask the question: Who benefits? Without a legal distribution system, the illegal distribution system may benefit. This tells me who the politician really is serving--even if he or she is not aware of the implications. The comment stated by any other Province's politician probably would not be picked up by the media.