Rabies victim's widow to receive life insurance benefit

by Paul Lucas19 Feb 2016
It has been three years since her husband passed away, but now a Pakistani widow has finally been awarded a life insurance payout.

The Federal Ombudsman in the country has ordered that Munzana Balquees should receive a payout after her husband, a driver working on the Mangla Dam project, died from contracting rabies after being bitten by a dog.

Balqees filed a complaint against the State Life Insurance Corporation (SLIC) after alleging her husband passed away four days after buying a life insurance policy: however, her claim was put back because of incorrect advice that was passed on by the corporation. She claims that after visiting the SLIC office repeatedly, there was no attempt to address her grievance.

From its standpoint, SLIC was not making payments on the death claim based on the fact that the man was infected with rabies prior to buying the policy – they believe he concealed this information. It demanded complete hospital records in order to settle the dispute. The total payment, if accepted, was to be around Rs1.3million.

The complaint was then investigated by the Financial Ombudsman who determined that the doctor’s conclusion did not support medical chronology.