REMIC offers new course to address need for younger life insurance agents

by Leo Almazora01 Mar 2017
The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC) has officially received approval to offer the Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (HLLQP) to aspiring life insurance agents in Canada. Enrolling in the course will help students get the necessary support and preparation to earn their license.

“The life insurance industry as a whole is getting older and is experiencing a lack of new agents entering the industry,” said REMIC President Joseph White. According to the company’s review of industry research, insurance agencies must address concerns that it has failed to proactively take steps to replace upcoming retirees.

“[W]ithout qualified agents to promote the industry, consumers will miss out on the advice needed to ensure their interests are adequately protected,” White said. “We've entered the industry to train those who want to make this their career.”

The course is available both online and in-class courses. Enrolled students will receive detailed feedback on practice exams, along with unlimited certification exam attempts. HLLQP support team members, all of whom are subject matter experts, can be reached via live chat, phone, email, or in person at their Tonto office.

The HLLQP course covers topics based on course manuals approved by the regulator. They include four main components: Life Insurance and Life Insurance Taxation Principles, Segregated Funds, Ethics and Professional Practice, and Accident and Sickness.

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  • by Ken MacCoy, CHS 2017-03-01 12:56:41 PM

    While this may sound good in principle, 'dual licensing' is NOT the solution.

    The industry does NOT need more part-time life insurance agents.

  • by 2017-03-02 5:07:33 PM

    Great to hear there are potential solutions to help bring new people in this great, albeit very dysfunctional industry.

    Gotta try somehow.