Saskatchewan Blue Cross unlocks virtual care option for employers

by Leo Almazora16 Apr 2021

Saskatchewan Blue Cross is empowering group plan sponsors with a virtual healthcare option for their employees to get online health and well-being support.

Through a partnership with telemedicine platform provider Maple, Saskatchewan Blue Cross has added Online Doctors to its group benefits plans. Through the new virtual healthcare product, plan members and their families will be able to access a Canadian-licensed general practitioner in under five minutes anytime, anywhere.

“The demand for virtual care continues to grow and, and it's essential that employers have options available to help remove barriers to exceptional care for their employees through their health benefit plans," Megan Douglas, vice president for Customer Relations and External Affairs, said in a statement.

Online Doctors allows plan members to access care for acute and chronic conditions as well as mental health issues. It also allows them to store and share medical records on an easy-to-use mobile application.

The Maple team is able to impactfully deliver programs for plan sponsors through its communications, reporting, and ongoing support for plan members.

Christy Prada, vice president for Business Development at Maple, said Saskatchewan Blue Cross’s focus on patient experience and quality of care aligns well with her firm’s values.

“It has never been more important for plan sponsors to consider new digital tools to support employee health and wellness,” Prada said. “Barrier-free access to healthcare is a key way to support employee wellness, especially now as organizations see the impact the pandemic has had over one year later.”

Along with a proprietary Personal Health Plan Member Portal Saskatchewan Blue Cross launched earlier this year, its partnership with Maple bolsters its commitment to evolving digital offerings for sponsors and members. It also aims to launch a Personal Health Plan Member App this spring.