TuGo unveils COVID-19 travel insurance policy

by Leo Almazora04 Nov 2020

Following moves from other providers, Canadian travel insurance provider TuGo has announced that it is offering COVID-19 Insurance coverage for Canadians planning to fly abroad during the pandemic.

“While we recommend following the Government of Canada’s Level 3 travel advisory, TuGo also recognizes that family, business or other reasons may require some Canadians to travel abroad during the pandemic,” said TuGo Chief Customer Officer Brad Dance, who is also formerly the president of the Travel Health Insurance Association.

The new product includes provisions for COVID-19 emergency medical care and quarantine expenses for up to $500,000, in cases where the policyholder tests positive for and is diagnosed with COVID-19 while on their trip.

In situations where a Level 3 “avoid non-essential travel” advisory escalates to a Level 4 “avoid all travel” alert, TuGo’s COVID-19 insurance also offers a Trip Interruption benefit should the traveller opt to return home ahead of time.

“For those planning to travel, they should take time to research the various COVID-19 insurance options that have come to market in recent weeks, to ensure they best fit their needs,” Dance said.