Questions your life insurance website should answer

by Jamie Henry16 Jan 2015
To be or not to be… that is not the question for advisors evaluating their website.

As the insurance industry hurtles through the digital age, the basic websites of the past simply will not cut it or allow advisors to retain and attract new clients.

Here are four questions a life insurance site needs to be able to answer, according to Karen Monks, an analyst in Celent's North American insurance practice:

•    Can I go to the site and get information and potentially a quote?
If you are on the site does it offer that option or does it automatically point you towards a broker, agent or producer at some point.

•    If I decide I want to buy something, can I?
“Now that’s going to be a difficult one because it’s still a pretty disintermediated business but is that option even out there, to get a quote and do something with it,” she said.

•    Can I maintain my policy?
Good websites allow clients to maintain their policy themselves instead of forcing them to call their agent or customer service rep.

•    If there is a claim can I go on and start the claim process online?