Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association news

  • Put ORPP on hold until Trudeau weighs in: association by Donald Horne

    The insurance industry applauds the coming conversation Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne wants to have with Justin Trudeau on enhancing the Canada Pension Plan – but that should include putting the ORPP on hold

  • Leadership roles remain a male domain: study by Donald Horne

    Researchers hoping to reveal the success of women looking to succeed in male-dominated fields have uncovered some disappointing and lingering challenges

  • Insurance industry sales released for 2014 by

    Canadians bought a whole bunch of life insurance this past year, according to newly released data from the CLHIA – but was it enough to surpass the previous year?

  • Government makes DC plan decision for ORPP by Will Ashworth

    Advisors can breathe a sigh of relief as the provincial government are defining DC plans offering total contributions of 8 per cent as comparable to the ORPP

  • Where Canadians buy the biggest life policies by Will Ashworth

    Two-thirds of Canadians hold life policies, but the level of coverage varies dramatically depending on which province you call home

  • Pre-paid marijuana coming soon by Will Ashworth

    Insurance carriers are expected to jump on board any push to include marijuana in group health insurance plans but perhaps not for the reasons you think.