Frank Swedlove news

  • “Champion of life” to chair CLHIA by

    The president and CEO of one of North America’s biggest life insurance companies has been tapped to be the first woman to chair the board of directors for the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.

  • Frank Swedlove by

    Frank Swedlove of CLHIA made it to Life Health Professional's Hot List 2015.

  • Industry reacts to federal budget by Nicolas Heffernan

    The industry had a decisive reaction to the long-awaited Conservative budget.

  • CLHIA calls for a piece of the pharmacare pie by Nicolas Heffernan

    The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) is fighting to get on the same playing field as government as calls for pharmacare system reform grow louder.

  • ORPP wins key backing by Nicolas Heffernan

    After bearing the brunt of widespread criticism the ORPP finally has a high-profile defender.

  • Is travel insurance broken? by Nicolas Heffernan

    Regulators are looking to advisors for help fixing the travel insurance system.