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When term life is better than comprehensive

Life brokers, of course, have their preferences, but term life isn't always the poor cousin to comprehensive, at least from the client relationship perspective.

  • Redefining peace-of-mind Redefining peace-of-mind

    "We wanted to offer a service that added an emotional benefit above and beyond the insurance value. We wanted to revolutionize the way insurance companies provide value to their customers." — ivari Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer, Jeffrey Fox

  • The many faces of Crawford The many faces of Crawford

    Traditionally recognized as a provider of loss management solutions, in reality Crawford’s expertise is as diverse as its client base

  • Advisors: Why it's time to pursue innovation Advisors: Why it's time to pursue innovation

    In this informative interview, Ken Hunter, vice-president of Hunter McCorquodale, discusses why it's so important for specialist insurers to think outside the box and how advisors can overcome issues when their regular markets do not offer coverage

  • Millennials Millennials

    Often dismissed by the industry, millennials offer advisors huge potential business.

  • Capped Commissions Capped Commissions

    With Australia taking a long, hard look at capping commissions should advisors be concerned Canadian regulators might follow suit?

  • How the uber-rich use life insurance How the uber-rich use life insurance

    With all their money, the uber rich don't need life insurance, right? But it turns out life insurance is becoming increasingly popular in estate planning for wealthy individuals, allowing effective transfer of wealth to the next generation while also protecting their income and lifestyle needs as they age. Find out how brokers can apply lessons from family offices to estate planning for wealthy clients.

  • Gary Roberts gets you fit for sales Gary Roberts gets you fit for sales

    The NHL legend is offering insurance brokers and advisors a game plan for protecting their fitness in stressful times.

  • E-signature: Help or hindrance? E-signature: Help or hindrance?

    Insurance brokers are increasingly turning to e-signatures to ensure the process of winning client signoff runs smooth. But of how much more use is that technology?